Adding *additional* lyrics above staff (with others beneath)

I’ve already added the primary lyrics to a grand staff, but the upper voice in this passage (screenshot attached) starts with the others, then holds a long note on one word, while the lower parts continue to sing more words. So, I need to place a different lyric above the staff.

I know there’s a command (Shift ↑) to input lyrics above the staff, but I’m having trouble inputting this as an additional line, since there’s already an existing lyric in the normal position.

Any suggestions?

Do you know that you can use Choir reduced instrument (grand staff with unjoined barlines for better lyrics handling)? A little off topic but I thought it could be useful.

You should be able to achieve your goal by making sure that the lyrics below belong to the same lyrics line. You can use the filtering functions to select those lyrics and in the properties panel, put on line 2. Then input the lyrics above staff using line 1 and select position in the properties panel “above”

Thank you for the suggestion. Can you please be more specific? I’ve searched the manual for “choir reduced instrument,” but found nothing. Perhaps it has another name? Where would I look for the feature you’re describing? Thanks in advance.

It took me a moment to figure out what you were describing. But I did, and it worked! Thanks!