Adding an arrow on top of tempo markings

I’d like to add an arrow above certain tempo indications. How would you go about to achieve this?


I’d do the arrow as a text glyph in a piece of System Text.


It depends how many layouts are involved. Where multi-line tempo markings are concerned I’ve recently been faking the whole thing as a single piece of System Text (using the Insert Music Text function for the quarter note), and separately inserting a metronome mark (for playback) that is globally hidden. Having “Tempo 1 (q=…” as a tempo and the arrow as System Text is a pig, because it’s sod’s law they’ll appear the wrong way round (or next to each other, or screw up vertical spacing) in the parts, and as they’re both System Objects they have to be positioned separately in each part layout.

The downside to doing it my way is that as it’s not a real tempo marking it can’t be expected to interact nicely with real text markings, e.g. a rit. that precedes it.

(Related feature request: the ability to put metronome marks above or below tempo text, preferably on a case by case basis and preferably as a local property.)


It appears that because of the baseline size of the arrow symbol, the entire system is pushed down and creates an unnecessary gap between the systems. How do you deal with that?


If it’s in a text item, disable collision avoidance.