Adding an audio file from Media Bay to the SELECTED track?

In Cubase Pro 8.5 we can drag and drop an audio file from Media Bay unto the track list and a new track will be created in which the audio file will be placed.

However, what I want to do is try out a few audio files in a placeholder track I already have (named properly and all). Is there a way to drop it at the position 1.0 of this particular track using drag/drop??? I don’t want it creating another track underneath…

You don’t need to create a new audio track. You just drag the audio file from the MediaBay onto an existing audio track in the arranger area. You can drag as many as you want onto the same audio track.

When I drag it onto existing audio track, it places at cursor position. I’d like for it to go to position 1.0 when i drop it on the existing track…thats why I like the idea of dropping it on the Inspector area. I just dont like that it creates a new track when i drop it on the selected/highlighted track in the Inspector area.

Why not move cursor to crossing 1?

Position 1.0 is often not in view. I was just hoping I could drag something and drop it onto my selected track and have it automagically place at origin. I guess it’s not doable.