Adding an 'expression' CC control to an orchestral VST library that doesn't have it by default?

Long story short, I’m working with multiple Kontakt VST string libraries. I have all the different libraries loaded into one Kontakt instance as an instrument track in my DAW. I like this option, because it means I have a single MIDI data track for all the MIDI notes/CC automation, and then I simply just blend each library by mixing the output channels depending on the sound I want.

The only problem I’m having with this method, is that all my libraries except for one of them (The Orchestra by Sonuscore) have a CC11 control (expression). The Orchestra library does not. This means that, when I’m using CC11 to automate volume, it will affect all the libraries except for this one. So when all the others have their volume attenuated, this single library is still playing at full volume. This issue is preventing me from using the expression control at all, and only relying on modulation - but I want to get the most out of both.

Aside from making a completely separate MIDI track/instrument just for the single library, is there a way to ‘force’ a library to use CC11 in any way?

Or alternatively, is it possible to tell an individual libary to translate CC11 to another paramater? Such as CC7? That way I could at least use the CC11 data on the MIDI track to control the MIDI volume for the library that doesn’t otherwise support expression, which seems like a potential workaround.

Any help would be appreciated!

You simply need to edit the Kontakt instrument and add a mapping of CC11 to volume for it:

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I tried that (below), but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

If I edit one of the modulators above the one I made (one of the first two) to CC11, it works, but it seems like it won’t completely stop when CC11 reaches 0. The volume seems to be affected between 0-127, but it won’t completley cut out when the CC11 value is 0. Am I missing something?

Just a guess, maybe because the Volume is set to +3dB?

Nope, even if I change that it doesn’t make a difference

No, you are not missing anything as, basically, CC11 is a kind of secondary CC7, which adds just more control on the overall volume. All depends about how it has been implemented by the developer, if at all.

Just a suggestion : I would use a second instance of Kontakt solely dedicated to the Sonuscore Orchestra library and use CC7 with it instead, as CC11 isn’t natively implemented.