Adding and removing instruments or players

I am a total newbie to Dorico Pro 4.3. I am trying to setup a small orchestra score, and I cannot figure it out.
To add a French Horn, in setup mode, I press Shift-I, and select Brass > Horn > F Treble Clef Part, then I press “Add” … and nothing changes in the score.
I would like to remove a tenor saxophone from the score. I choose “Layout Options” and select the Tenor Saxophone that is present in the score. Then I press the delete key, and up pops a little window. I choose the option to “Delete Player and Part Layouts”, and the little window disappears … but changes happen to the score!
What am I doing wrong?

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To add your French horn, try shift-P (to add a solo player) then choose the French horn in the instrument picker and you should be fine.
To change a player, you don’t have to go go Layout options. Open the player’s card, right click it’s instrument to open the instrument menu and use Change instrument… to keep the music but played by another instrument.

Welcome to the forum @dave.rubenstein ! I’ll embed some links to relevant pages in the documentation in my reply below to help you access further information.

If you had an existing single player selected when you pressed Shift-I (to open the instrument picker) and select the horn, you’re adding another instrument to that single player. A single player can hold multiple instruments, generally for situations where the same human person plays multiple instruments at various points (like Clarinet doubling on Bass Clarinet).

The reason that doesn’t change the staves shown in the score is that by default, instrument changes are allowed in layouts – so in page view, only the first instrument held by a player appears as a staff in the score. Switching to galley view (or disallowing instrument changes) prompts all staves to appear.

Unless you definitely want a doubling player or to use the instrument change feature, add a separate player for each instrument.

There are also project templates, that start with the players and instruments set up already – or you could add lots of players at once using the ensemble picker.

If you simply don’t want the tenor saxophone to appear in the score, but want to keep the player and its music in the project: you can remove the saxophone player from the score layout. That keeps the player existing in the project intact, but it doesn’t appear anywhere in the score.

Here’s some information about the three-way links between players, layouts, and flows – they’re really flexible in Dorico.

If you don’t want the tenor saxophone anywhere, then delete the player (and you’ll be prompted whether you want to keep the part layout or not – generally it’s cleanest to delete both player and part, unless you know for sure you want to keep some formatting you’d done in that part layout!)

(Layout Options isn’t where you remove players from the score – it’s where you can change various settings relating to each layout in the project. Things like page size, margins, staff size, whether multi-bar rests are shown, etc.)

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Thanks, Marc. How do I open a player’s card? I want to rename an instrument using a non-standard instrument name.


Thanks, Derrek. I see now what a player’s card is. How do I change the name of the instrument on the score, to a non-standard instrument name?

Click the three dots next to violin and choose edit names

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