Adding articulation on selected MIDI notes

I have BBC So exp map loaded on Trumpet and i would like to change articulation on only selected notes? How can i do it?

You need to add the articulation track in the key-editor (it is the same as adding the modwheel or other CCs). It is the button in the corner lower left corner.
Then you should see a list with all the articulations of the expression map. Then select the needed MIDI Notes and sign in the Articulation in the list with the pencil tool.

Yes i have this atriculation window opened.
What i meant was, that if i would for example click on two notes and then click articulation it would draw the articulation with the same rhythmic values as i selected the notes.
No i select some notes and if i click on articulation it draws a big line until end.

I don’t know if i can explain it clearly…:smiley:

I think i have no idea what i am talking about…i think it works fine now…:smiley:

But still, it does not work as i would like it to work.
Like in this case i want the overall artiuclation to be as i selected, but only three notes to be something else.,
If i select these three notes and add another artiicultion it cancels the first aritulation from the orther, continuing notes as well…

that’s because you are using articulations in directions mode, which is not linked to notes, but timeline.
If you want to attach articulations to notes you need to set your articulations to attribute mode in the expression maps setup window.
I suggest you watch some videos on youtube on how expression maps work or you are gonna get a headache :wink:
You cam also use a combinations of both methods and make use of the groups, usually you keep main articulations (sustain, legato, staccato…) in group 1 in directions mode and secondary articulations (attack/release type etc…) in attribute mode on the group 2,3,4 depending on the type.
Each articulation on the same group number is mutually exclusive.

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Hi ravez
thanks for your explanation. I had the same problem as darkneutron. I resolved it by creating two midi tracks routed to the same VST . I did not really understand what “attribute mode” was made for.
Now I know :slight_smile:


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Yes, thank you!

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