Adding automatic Swing To Drum Loops/samples In Cubase 11?

Is it possible to adding Swing To Drum Loops/Samples In Cubase 11 in an automatic and similar way as it is done in Logic X ? What is shown in the video is a way to do it automatically, playing with the Swing time, and also trying different modes, in a drum loop and without doing it manually with the warp. If this is not yet possible in Cubase, it would be a useful addition for future versions…

Hi Dynaudio82,

Cubase quantize works for midi and audio so just make sure that ‘AudioWarp Quantize’ is set to ON and then you can open the Quantize Panel and set any amount of Swing you like to your audio.
You can of course even create a Groove Quantize preset from any rhythmical phrase and use that as your quantise preset on your audio!

Hope this helps?

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James Colah

Thank you! I’ll give it a try, just to have clear, what you say works the same way in an audio loop as in Logic X? My question is because what I mean by an audio loop is a sample where the whole drum kit is in one single sample, and not separate audios or samples that form a loop in the arrange.

All I can say is that having looked at the video you posted, Cubase AudioWarp Quantize works in exactly the same way as in Logic X.

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Thank You! I will try it out!