Adding Autotune to one slice of an audio track

Hi just new to the Forum and to cubase elements 6. Been helping out in a small studio who still use sx3 and they use anteres autotune… so i bought myself elements 6 and autotune but cannot seem to add plugins to a slice of an audio track like i do at the studio…

Basically on sx3 i would slice a certain part of the audio track and right click it… the audio - process - plugins and autotune would be there… then i can go into graphical mode and move certain parts of the pitch around or draw in new ones.

i cant right click a sliced part of audio in elements as it just comes up with the pen,rubber and selection tools… and if i goto the menu at the top while it is selected i can see the process and some cubase options but no "plug in " option … anteres autotune is working as i can add it to a whole track from the inserts or effects part of cubase elements.

anyhelp would be much appreciated : )


Offline processing is only available for the “full” (or former “SX”) versions of Cubase, not for Studio, Essential SL, SE, Element or LE versions