Adding bars in Dorico for ipad

Tried the help menu - it says either shift B for popover (I’m using an ipad screen for the keyboard so don’t know how to show that in this context) - or click Popovers (little pic of keyboard) then bars and barlines - but it doesn’t show anything when I try this.

What I’ve managed so far is filling a bar with notes - then hitting the duplicate button loads of times - and then deleting the material - but there must be a simpler way.

I’m beginning from a new flow and want to create a piece that’s 32 bars long. I’ve got the time signature OK

On the right-hand side of Write mode, set the toolbox to panels (the little picture of the artist’s palette rather than the keyboard), then tap the icon of the final barline at the end of a staff to open the Bars and Barlines panel. At the top of that panel you will find the Insert Bars section, which provides a quick way to add bars at the start or end of the flow, or at the position of the selection.

For your own reference, the page for using the on-screen panel to add bars is here. You should find generally that things you can input in two ways (popover/panel) have a separate set of steps for each method.

thanks got it

I’m on iPad 9th generation, latest dorico app version. When I try to insert bars, it lets me but only at the start of a flow. If I try to click the drop down menu that says “start of flow” to change it to “end of flow” (presumably), the app just freezes. If I exit the app and re-enter it, it becomes un Frozen but nothing changes. Trying again results in the same thing. I am unable to add bars at the end of the flow.

My current workaround is too add them to the start of the flow then just cut and paste all the music to the beginning but that’s obviously not ideal.

These drop-down menus are troublesome. What is, I think, happening is that the menu is unable to fit on the display for some reason, and so the app appears to freeze. In fact what’s happening is that the app is waiting for you to choose something from the menu; tapping somewhere else on the display should be sufficient to get the (invisible) menu to be dismissed. Then try tapping it again: in my experience it usually works at the second time of asking.