Adding bars in Track View

Is it possible to add bars in the middle of a song in track view? Let’s say I have recorded most of my song (all audio) and I want to put a 8 or 16 bar bridge in the middle somewhere. (I know you can add bars in the score layout, but I’m not working with any MIDI.) OR suppose I forgot to add a 4 or 8 bar intro to the song. Is this somehow possible without moving everything to leave a space/section of bars in the middle of the song? I know I can move all the tracks forward for an intro part, but what about elsewhere? Seems this should be possible, similar to a music notation program; just add some bars whereever you want. :slight_smile:


Yes, you can. Select the range, you want to insert bars, by L and R Locators. For example, you want to insert 4 bars. Than choose Edit > Range > Insert Silence menu. Cubase splits all tracks, and inserts empty bars.


Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! :smiley: Many thanks, Martin.Jirsak. I just knew there had to be a simple/uncomplicated way without moving all the tracks. Wonderful program! I learn something new everyday.

I also find Martin Jirsak’s answer useful. Thank you, Martin!