Adding bars inside film score keeping the time length

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can I add more bars in the middle part of a project while keeping the same time for that section. Idea: 10 bars with 20 s duration should be converted in 16 bars of 20 s. After having done this I am looking for to avoid the movement of the already arranged ending of a film score.

I´d like to flexible insert bars and time signatures for a creative process at any point, if possible. The Process bars dialog does not exactly what I intend, which can be a user´s fault

I can workaround with making saftey copies with global copy of the range menue for later bringing the individual pieces back together again . However this is error prone. Best thing for me would probably be to work within the score directly editing the music to picture at any point in the time code. When the basic piano track is done I can imagine to fix little timing things here and there aiming for developing the larger orchestral arrangement. It would be handy to know how to keep the overall alignment intact. Phew!


I think so. Probably a number of ways!

Some rudimentary things that come to my mind to experiment and practice with are:

Using the range edit tool to insert silence (empty space) into a project (across ALL tracks in one go).

Practice the numerous event resizing options. Notably, ‘sizing applies time stretch’.

Familiarize yourself with the built in ‘process tempo’ and ‘beat calculator’.

Explore the ‘Time Warp’ capabilities of Cubase.

There’s so much more really. Cubase can also take you into the realms of hitpoints with audio files/samples, building ‘groove templates’ and quickly applying those to whatever you like, and a whole lot more.

You might also spend a little time searching the web. Having studied and experimented with the material mentioned above should lead to more ‘specific’ questions and terms that will help you nail down helpful articles and videos on the topic. While some of it was made for older (sometimes much older) versions of Cubase than you have today, they can still be relevant and quite helpful.

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First of all add the 6 bars:

  • Set the Left and Right Locators to bars 10 and 16 and use Edit > Range > Insert Silence.

Then change the tempo in the bars do it matches:

  • Open the Process Tempo editor.
  • Set the range in bars: 10-26
  • Set the new expected length in time: 20s
  • Click: Process.

Dear Martin, Dear Brian,

First of thanks so much for your experience here!! Good to heear that Cubase is the right choice for deeper timing and alignment tasks.

My main problem is that not every event is moved due to my workings so far, sometimes the hitpoints aren´t moved, while the time signatures are moving, something like that (as beat counts stay the same, of course). That direction would be a first start to figure out things more deeply. Will experiment on the hints and cues you gave, of course…Didnot know about the process tempo (instead of process bars) editor, will do!
I marked Martins Solution Button, as it is more directed to the specific question. Unfortunately I cant tick both Solution Boxes. Instead I gave as much Love as possible!!

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