Adding bars to tempo track

I find myself having this problem very, very often, wonder if anyone has an idea of how I could approach this in the best, less destructive way.

So I did a long arrangement, and while on my creative set of mind, moving some sections around, I doubled the tempo of some parts and now need to “normalize it”.

Using the “Adding bars” dialog, shifts the whole section, and then I need to map the tempo again, possible, but takes a lot of time, specially when iterating over ideas.

Is there any way I could double the tempo of a specific range (thus adding more bars), but keeping my arrangement as it is?

You can see on the picture what my problem looks like.

Thanks a lot!

“process bars” !?

Thanks there!, yeah, that’s what i meant by “adding bars” :wink:

Also, adding bars, won’t double / half the tempo of the midi events, which is also possible using one of the MIDI functions.

Maybe, I’ll try to create a macro with those things for a selected range…It probably won’t remap the tempo, but I’m not sure it can get any better :unamused: