Adding Bell Tree in Setup for Berlin Percussion is not adding a vst rack slot in Play Mode

Is there some reason why when I add Bell Tree to Setup it doesn’t add a vst slot in the rack in Play? I chose triangle instead and it added a slot as normal but when I tried to add Bell Tree again nothing happened. Bell Tree does however appear in the track list.

You need to make sure that your playback template includes an entry for the bell tree. If Dorico doesn’t know how to find a suitable sound for a given instrument, it can’t load any.

In fact I haven’t created the template yet. I’m just working through Berlin Percussion to learn how to create percussion maps from scratch. So far everything I’ve added in setup has created a new Halion SE slot in the rack which I then switch to the SINE Player in order to load the item from Berlin Percussion. Setup has always created a new VST slot for other unpitched metal items but for some strange reason it doesn’t in the case of adding Bell Tree.

In search slot in Halion Sonic SE if you enty "Bell tree "you will see nothing because Halion Sonic has no bell tree sound… so nothing to download in a slot.So if in “settp” you add an instrument “belle tree” you will obtain an empty slot in Halion:
empty slot

Of course! I had assumed it would contain one. My default template is Halion and I didn’t realise there was no bell tree. No problem. I will add it from Berlin Percussion eventually. Thanks