Adding blank measures/ cluster notation

Hello! Really liking Dorico so far.

I was wondering if there was a way to add a blank measure into the middle of a phrase. Additionally, I’m curious as to what types of noteheads we’ll eventually have access to and how cluster notation will be handled.


To add a bar in the middle of a phrase, position the caret at the point at which you want to add a bar, then either use the Insert Bars section of the Bars and Barlines panel on the right-hand side, or type Shift+B for the bars and barlines popover and type +1 into the popover, then hit Return.

We don’t yet have support for clusters and other combined noteheads beyond the way that Dorico handles altered unisons as split stems, but this will come in future. In the meantime, you can change notehead by right-clicking a selected note and choosing an alternative design from the Noteheads submenu (also found in the top-level Edit menu).

Can one add bars at the end using the menu item or the popover? Selecting a note and evoking the add bar command inserts a bar.

Bars can be added at the end of a flow by positioning the caret after the last note/rest and pressing Space Bar.

What about creating a new bar once the current one is full?

e.g. 4/4 time while entering guitar TAB after the 4th quarter note has been entered and you hit the right arrow a new bar is automatically created as the current bar is now full.

If you select the last barline, press B and a number in the popover, enter, you should find that this number of bars has been added to your score (provided there’s a time signature). However, it is not really important to add bars before you write music in Dorico.

Marc, maybe let this one drop off - this is a very old thread.

Oh you’re right!!! For a strange reason, snakebyte’s post had not appeared and I did not check the dates…

The sad fact is that the OP hasn’t been seen on this forum since 38 minutes after the original post, so the whole thread’s been in vain :wink:

Not in vain at all - other people might have the same question in the future. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting these suggestions to work. I can add a bar at the end of a flow, but seemingly not without cutting at least an 8th note out of the previous bar.

If you’re invoking the Shift-B popover from the caret, make sure that you’ve taken the caret all the way to the final barline (using the right arrow key on your keyboard.)

Thank you! I wasn’t realizing I could select a barline prior to shift-B, I was assuming I had to select a metric position.