Adding border and padding to text leads to collision with other text

In Dorico 4, I have a paragraph style for text cues (like “Verse”) which has a border and a padding. Unfortunately, when adding the padding, the alignment of the item changes so that it causes collisions with, for example, rehearsal marks. So the items stack above each other unnecessarily.

Is there a way to give the “text cue” paragraph style some kind of “offset” so that there is no collision?

This is with the padding:

Without padding, there is no collision and the “H” stays on the same line as the “Verse 2”. But then the border around the “Verse 2” looks to narrow.

Welcome to the forum, @floreg. I’m afraid there’s no good way to achieve what you’re after here automatically: Dorico’s collision avoidance (with a few special-case exceptions) only operates in the vertical dimension, so it ends up moving the rehearsal mark outside the staff-attached text item. You could consider perhaps attaching the text item a tiny bit (rhythmically) later in the bar.

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