Adding CD Track Markers In A Montage


I’ve been away from WL for a long time, but just got a big project. So I updated to V7 …

I will have many long Montages ( with restoration processing) to which I need to add CD Track markers … one every minute and sample rate convert to burn to a CD ( yes thats the delivery medium ).

Do I really still have to render out, then use "AutoSplit " to “not split” but “insert” Tack Markers to do this? ( the export time will add significant time to the job… there are many to do!) Surely I can just batch add Track Markers at intervals at the Montage level by now? But I can’t see how to do it. Nudge please…


In the Montage, CD Tool window, there is a “Wizard” to generate CD markers for you.


Thanks for the nudge PG … but as I see it the CD Wizard for Montages lets me add Tracks markers at splice points, cross fades and event boundaries… am I missing something? I want 1 track per minute on 65 minute tracks.

I also might expect that there might be a way to add markers at intervals then convert them to track markers. But I can’t see that in the Montage Marker window either.

The render / bounce down / Auto Split works. But the extra time adds up.

Happy New Year!

There is no direct solution to add a CD track every 1 min with WaveLab 7. But you could use the auto split to generate CD markers (without actually splitting or rendering anything), then you could insert the audio file in the montage, and use the Transcribe marker function. Then you have what you want.