Adding Crescendi in Key Editor

Hi, I can’t find any quick answers in the manual or online, and I’m in the middle of a project. I just need help learning how to add crescendo/expressions/dynamics in the Key Editor. I also have no idea how to change the velocity in the key editor. Please forgive me for being impatient for answers, and many thanks to anyone who will help me!

Hi and welcome,

You can change the Velocity of every single Notes in the Info View. Or you can open the Controller Line. The very first line is Volume. Here, you can also select multiple Notes, and use dedicated Tools to change the “curve”. So you can add the crescendo/diminuendo here.

For more realistic creacendo, I would recommend to use MIDI CC11 (Expression). You can find it also in the Controller Line of the Key Editor.

Maybe, I would recommend you to watch the Steinberg YouTube Cubase QuickStart tutorials.

Hi Martin! Thanks a lot…I was having trouble figuring out whether to use the select tool or draw for changing the velocity at the bottom of the key editor. I think I have it figured out now (I’m hearing the expressions), so unless you feel this post might help other folks, I’d understand if you deleted it.