Adding custom text to "D.C. al coda" removes coda symbol

When editing repeat marker text in the “Custom Text” property, the notation reference says: “This replaces the text in the selected repeat markers without removing any symbols.” (see link below)

But when I add custom text, the coda symbol disappears.

EDIT: This is in a “D.C. al coda” repeat jump.

How can I keep that from happening?

Funnily enough, I was reviewing this the other day as I’d realised it wasn’t quite accurate. My understanding was that for codas, the symbol is retained but for segnos, the symbol is lost if you add custom text.

Can you just confirm what version you’re using and whether it’s definitely a coda marker, not a segno?

Dorico Pro 3.5.12 - sorry, should have included that in the original post!

EDIT: It’s a repeat jump (D.C. al coda), not a repeat section.

If the coda marker is indeed lost when adding custom text to a repeat jump, consider this a feature request to retain the symbol!

Odd, that’s not what I get in 3.5.12 with a coda symbol - here’s an example with a segno @ bar 2 followed by a coda, both with custom text set.

If you want to share a minimal example where you’re experiencing the coda symbol getting lost, please feel free.

I’m adding custom text to a “D.C. al coda” Repeat Jump, not to the coda marker. Again, sorry I didn’t make that clearer. Will update my previous posts.

Was I looking at the wrong page of the reference, and if so, what is the correct one? I did a quick search and didn’t see a separate section for jumps.

Ah right, you’ve set that to appear as “D.C. al [coda symbol]” rather than “D.C. al Coda” (all text) and want the coda symbol to be retained if you set any custom text. That’s right that that’s not the case currently - but it’s a fair thing to ask for I’d say, although whether or not it’s possible to implement I shall leave to my colleagues! (I can imagine there being some complexity for e.g. D.S. al Coda markers where the S is a segno symbol and the Coda is also a symbol - as in, how your custom text would be positioned around the symbol(s).)

No that’s the right page, it’s just not quite accurate in the currently published versions - sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the clarification!

It would be quite complicated to make it possible to automatically infer that Dorico should still substitute the segno symbol, say, in the repeat marker when you set some custom text. For the time being, I would suggest that using the Hide property to hide the “real” repeat marker and then creating a lookalike using system-attached text (shortcut Shift+Alt+X) would be the best approach, since you can freely mix regular text and music symbols in text items.

Adding the actual music symbols to the text is still a bit of a bore (though it’s something that will be much, much easier in the next version of Dorico, as we are adding a simple dialog for finding and adding music symbols to text items in the context menu when editing text items), but if you go to the Repeats page in the SMuFL specification you will find the various symbols you need. You can copy the symbol and then paste it into a text item in Dorico: make sure you choose the Music text character style from the menu in the top-left of the text editing popover to ensure it appears in the correct font (Bravura Text by default).


Got it. (I was hoping there might be a key command to pull in the symbol.)

…and if I don’t need the repeat marker for playback, I could replace it with system-attached text instead of hiding it.

Fantastic - looking forward to it!