Adding dotted lines to text?

I’d like to include a mention “gradually sul pont.” over 20 bars with dotted lines from beginning to end.
Is there a way to add dotted lines to a text somehow? Or is there another way to do something similar?
Text elements don’t allow for including lines in their Property window, nor the mention “sul pont.” in Playing Techniques.

it’s not ideal, but you can handle this with a trick. make a crescendo, and use “gradually sul pont.” as the alternative text

thanks, that could work but it doesn’t seem to be possible to hide the crescendo totally and use an alternative text. Only “prefix” and “suffix” are available.

The way that actually works (sorry, had my wires crossed) is to use a pedal marking.

Shift-P ped

then in the options, change the Sign appearance to Ped text and enter “gradually sul pont.” in the Text option on the right

Unfortunately, this can only be below the line but it does work.

thanks! this not not gonna work for me as I really wanted it to be on top of the staff, not below
thanks for your help though

You can of course move the pedal line in Engrave mode, though it won’t go naturally above the staff by default.

thanks Daniel for your amazing work!