Adding DRM to an audio file

Quick question, I have a client that wants to add something like DRM to their audio files. Is it possible to do this in Wavelab?


I would imagine that this is NOT something possible in WL. Maybe PG would be the person to ask.

You can tell your client that no matter what they do someone will have figured out a way to circumvent this process including simply playing back the music and recording it on a separate device. Once you have it in the “analog realm” it can be copied. FWIW

Hi …

If you are asking if WL has a built in DRM tool-set, the answer is not to my knowledge.

DRMs tend to be ‘proprietary’ in nature. I would have thought that the client would need to have a license for a specific DRM … and provide you with the relevant toolkit which may, or may not, allow you to enter the restriction within WL.

Of course, the client would need to be careful not to upload a DRM embedded wav file to aggregators for distribution as that would be asking for trouble (likely to be bounced).