Adding dynamics to LH/RH piano

Found this solution really useful but I probably won’t remember the specific shortcuts as I dip in and out of using Dorico. I am currently using version 5. It would be to be great to be able to select a note and just apply the dynamic directly to the piano LH/RH stave. Similarly I have completely forgotten how to generate a pickup note. I ended up just importing an XML file directly from staffpad, as I gave up trying to use the popover. Again adding more than one lyric to a note. I understand shortcuts work for many people but as someone who doesn’t use the software as frequently as I would like, they are really unempowering.

It can be difficult to remember so many popover commands. Here’s a chart for D4.3 that is still relevant to D5. Have not found a D5 popover chart if there is one.
dorico-popovers_4.3_221121.pdf (491.3 KB)

Pickup notes: Shift M for meter popover. Type meter. Then type , (comma) and the fraction of the beat for the pickup you want. Example 4/4,1 is a quarter note pickup. 4/4,.5 is an eight note pickup.

You can add dynamics using the mouse very easily: select the note on the RH or LH staff where you want the dynamic to be added, then expand the right-hand Dynamics panel in Write mode, and click the dynamic you want to add. It will be added at the selected position, on the selected staff.

To add a pick-up bar, you can find options for this in the right-hand Time Signatures panel in Write mode, if you struggle to remember how to do this via the popover.

With lyrics, you can open the popover from the right-hand side of the screen in the notations toolbox when it is set to show popovers, but you do need to remember to use the up/down arrow keys to switch between lines of lyrics.

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The Dorico 5 updated popover document is here.

You can find the latest resources relevant to Dorico Pro 5 on this documentation landing page.

To create a pick-up bar, you can also:

  1. Start with a full first bar (i.e. a normal time signature), and write the pick-up notes you want at the end of that bar (treating the 2nd bar as the first full bar)
  2. Activate Insert mode
  3. Select the “Global Adjustment of Current Bar” scope
  4. Select the excess rests at the start of bar 1
  5. Press Delete

Instant pick-up :slight_smile:

It’s a key command I’m afraid, but you can press Shift-Alt/Opt-Space when inside the lyrics popover to insert a non-breaking space, letting you type another word without advancing the popover. See: Navigation during lyric input