Adding dynamics via the popover & online manual

(I just realized I was looking at the documentation for version 1.1, not 4.0 but I’d still like to be able to add dynamics to multiple notes).
The online manual says “Select existing notes across which you want to add dynamics” when talking about entering dynamics using the popover. The key word is “notes” - plural. When I select multiple notes (ctrl-click) on a piano score, type Shift-D then F a dynamic only occurs on the first note not all notes. If this is the intended behavior I have to say the documentation is vague. Apparently only < and > and such things can be applied to multiple notes. Coming from Sibelius and working with piano music it is really helpful to be able to select multiple notes and add a dynamic marking to all notes at once. The same could be said for ctrl-selecting notes and adding a slur to each note (like Sibelius).

across in this context means vertically, I guess.

I’m thinking horizontally for such things as hairpins and cresc. with dashed lines, etc.

Hopefully the latest version is a bit more specific.

I always open web help from the program or the hub. It is the easiest way to know I am searching the latest documentation.

The current online section on inputting dynamics with the popover says “Select an item on each staff and at each rhythmic position where you want to input dynamics.” To me that implies the ability to add, say a forte marking at multiple selected locations. It doesn’t do that.
(As to viewing the 1.0 documentation by mistake, that’s what I get for searching on google).

There isn’t a way to add only immediate dynamics such as forte to multiple notes in the same staff in one go. “On each staff” means more than one staff. Selected notes on multiple staves may even be at different rhythmic positions and they will all get the dynamic(s) attached at those positions.

On one staff, we can also add combinations such as pp < f at once, because the hairpin has a duration. Select one or more notes horizontally, and the hairpin will have the duration of the selection. If you enter more than one hairpin, such as p < f > p, the middle dynamic is placed at the rhythmic center of the selected duration.

If you want to add dynamics to several staves, the easiest way I’ve found is to create what you want on one staff, then Duplicate to staff below [above] while it’s still “selected”. I’ve created shortcuts for both; it’s very fast to add to multiple staves. Alt+click with the mouse also works while the dynamics are still selected (orange).

For adding multiple dynamics to notes within one staff, check out several of the Dorico Youtube channel for John Barron’s videos for visual instruction. There are many shortcuts that are helpful in getting multiple dynamics [p<<<<<ff] over many notes in the same staff. It’s quite different from Sibelius (and some things aren’t fully finished yet). Eventually those features will probably be added in.

Yes I was just thinking that myself; the result explains that this is results in a dynamic being added at the earliest selected position on each selected staff, but I may go back to the selection step and tighten it up.

I knew about things like pp<f and the like, but I was hoping to be able to input f on multiple notes at once. Alt-click is a good work around and faster than shift-d a dozen times. Thanks.