Adding effects to parts of tracks rather than whole tracks..

Hi all,

I’m brand new to Cubase, and am trying to teach myself. I think I’ve got the very basics, but still have some simple questions - they may be silly questions, but we all start somewhere I guess!

Here’s what I’m having trouble with at the moment:

As a build up to a drop, I’ve created a rising filter sweep of some white noise. I did this by making using a synth and making a two bar-long note of white noise, to which I added the sweep. Rather than abruptly cutting out the sweep when the drop comes in, I want to use some ping-pong delay to fade it out over the first bar of the bassline.

My problem is this - if I add delay to the track, then the delay repeats the whole two bars of noise. Is it possible to add delay just to the final 1/8th of the two bar note, so that only this part is affected by the delay? How can I do this?

Many thanks for any and all assistance - and please tell me if I explained my problem badly!

It would help if you told us what version of Cubase you are using.

Sorry, my mistake! Cubase 5.

Okay, then I suggest you ask the question in the C5 forum :sunglasses:

Way more people look there than here.

You can automate the bypass for the effect. There are several ways but I will give you one. Get the delay set up the way you want it. Then put it in bypass. Write enable the automation of the effect. Press play. When you want the delay to start, un-bypass the effect.
You can automate JUST ABOUT any knob or control that you can touch in Cubase.
On a track, select, “show automation”. It will open an “automation track” with the default parameter (usually volume) being shown. Click where is says “volume” and you can choose parameters for the channel itself or any effects loaded in that channel. You can manually edit the data by write enabling the automation track. Then read enable the automation to have Cubase follow its values.
Please get into the manual with this. You really need to know how to automate parameters for versatility.

Or just to show you another way

Put your delay on a FX channel and use a send from the noise channel and automate the send level.

Aloha J
If you are dealing with audio tracks:

1-Make a cut in the track at the point where you want the effect to start
and another cut where you want it to stop.

2-Then select that part (in the Project Window) and go to:


There you will find all the Steiny plugs and some 3rd party ones as well.

Cubase will now do its ‘magic’ on just that part.
You might have to try out a few settings to get things to sound
just right but the theory is sound. (Judge Dredd) :slight_smile:

This process may render that part of the audio file permanently.
I’m not sure. Best to check on this in the Operations Manual.


Read up on offline processing. It allows you to select a portion of an audio track and apply a plugin. You can specify tails, etc (for things like reverb). You can also undo the processing in any order if you have applied multiple processing plugins.