Adding external Halion libraries manually so they appear in MediaBay

Sorry to be thick here, but if someone could do a ‘For Dummies’ version of how this is done it would be appreciated!!
I have some older Halion libaries stored on an external drive that I want to be recognised and appear in the MediaBay for selection when creating projects

I looked in the Steinberg Library Manager but did not spot any ‘add content’ option (apolgoies if its staring me in the face)

So how do I point at the external library folder and add it in?


If it’s a vstsound library you should register it using Steinberg Library Manager. If it’s user vstpresets you can use HALion file browser to load presets from any location. If you want them to appear in media bay copy them to your documents folder. This folder is scanned by mediabay.

Alternatively you can try to drag and drop the vstpresets onto HALion mediabay window. There used to be an option to automatically import the presets when loading them from other locations.

I want to keep the libraries on my E Drive not copy them over
So, how do I register my existing 3rd party libraries in the Library manager? could not spot it so could you take me through it…thought there might be an ‘Add Library Path’ option or the like

Yeah, you can leave the libraries wherever you like. In Windows (or FInder) navigate to the location with the content you want to add. Double+click on any .vstsound file. This will launch the Library Manager and register all the .vstsound files it finds in that location plus any sub-folders.

Ok will try later
I have a folder with all the libraries as sub folders inside
Do i have to go into one subfolder at a time to click on each vstsound file or is there a way of making the parent folder drive and use all its sub folders?

Ok looking at my HALION saved sounds, there are no vstsound files that I can find only FXP files?
Is there any way of using these?

UPDATE: OK ! I found the Import fxp option in the Halion Mediabay…all good!

or on second glance…


  1. I was talking about having a parent folder where there are no sound files, just the sound file library subfolders…so wondered if putting one libraries files in there would allow the cascade into the subfolders
  2. Looked now and found that there are no vstsound files in there at all, simply older fxp files and wavs…i.e. from a much earlier Halion
    Mediabay in Halion has an import fxp files option so i will gave a go at trying that out?

Yeah, importing it is going to be much more a brute force slog.

In that situation probably the easiest thing would be to temporarily move just one .vstsound file into the top folder so it is no longer empty. Then double+click that file to register all of them. Once that is done stay in the Library Manager and find the content from the moved file. The Library Manager will let you relocate the content back to it’s proper location.

Not at DAW for exact commands.

I am not able to do this. I have my samples and vstpresets on my L:\ drive. I do not want to copy them to the C-drive documents folder. The Halion manual says on p81 that you can register any folder. But how do you get the dialog to open?
Below is the from the manual p81 and at the bottom a screen print of my Halion Mediabay. I do not see the arrow? Is that the problem?