Adding External Instruments

Ok, so I’m new to the world of Cubase and indeed any DAW software, I have been studying classical piano for 7 years. Now I have Cubase 7.5, and reading through the documentation I have come to the section called ‘External Instruments’. I have a Yamaha Arius Digital Piano, its something between the Clavinova, and the DGX series of Yamaha keyboards, I also have a simple Yamaha E313 keyboard. Both are capable of being midi keyboards, and both have Style accompaniments, some on-board effects like Split voice, Dual voice, DSP effects, chorus, reverb, and another thing called Harmony; my Arius also has the three conventional piano pedals.

I have decided to see what happens when I set them up as ‘External Instruments’ in Cubase, I have followed the instructions and have set them both up as GM instruments, and yes it does seem as if from Cubase I can change patches, and I also see the potential for creating ‘panels’; although I can’t yet see the need to set up a panel for my current setup.

So If from a new project I select ‘add instrument track’ and select my Arius piano as the VST instrument, and whilst at my piano I make a configuration of on-board effects, and also perform with various pedal touches and a style accompaniment, should Cubase then record all this behaviour in real-time? I’m a little dumbfounded by it all, and upon my first test it seems as if my on-board piano effect configuration does not correspond to the Cubase recording e.g. when using the Dual voice effect on my piano, only the secondary dual voice is recorded and not my main voice. What is the potential within my set up, is it really just to be able to change patches only?

Hi there.

I can’t get in details how to setup your specfic setup, I have no time for that but I will try to help you go thru the basics.

First of, yes you can save all external instruments routings and panels etc in Cubase. This can be then loaded in other projects as a templet.

To get the effects you referring to from your hardware piano you need to insert and route the audiopatch into Cubase system. Like same as you do with normal mic recording vocals.

It then comes up like a track with the included audio from the hardware piano itself in Cubase mixer. You listen thru Cubase and you can also record the audio in Cubase that comes from the external hardware.

Midi doesn’t send audio, it only send the midi data- your are playing on the keys on the piano. It also send other mididata example change to a specific patch “sound” like “piano”, “bass”, “violin” on your hardware synth/piano.

Hope it help!

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