Adding flow header to layouts

Hi! I might be doing something wrong. Let’s say I have a layout. I’ve manually added a bunch of pages with manually added text and music frames. I’d like to insert flow headings to all of the pages that have the flow title and page number on top. Is there an easy way to do this en masse?


Flow headings go at the start of flows; they aren’t based on pages. If you want to edit the header, you’d do that by editing the default master page.

You said “manually added text and music frames,” which makes me think you probably have a bunch of page overrides.

Can you provide more information, or (best) the project file?

As soon as you fiddle with frames on individual pages (whether adjusting the frames defined in the Master Pages, or adding new frames) those pages are marked as overridden - they’ll show red corners in the Pages section of the right panel of Engrave mode.
Dorico can’t guess how you’d want manually-adjusted pages to react to Master Page tweaks, so it basically unlinks overridden pages entirely.

You can remove the overrides (your manual adjustments) by right-clicking the relevant pages in the Pages section of the right panel and clicking "Remove Page Overrides), and then change your Layout Options so that Flow Headings appear, or you can add Flow Headings in as regular text frames, manually (and note that the same contextual menu in the Pages section has a “Copy Selected Frames to Page(s)” function that may save you time here).

Try to work with master pages. In engrave mode you can double click a master page (you find them in the right column – cmd-9) When you design a master page according to your needs, the layout will be consistent and the workflow is much faster than working page by page.
To add a flow title open the master page, create a text frame or use an already existing one and type in {@flowtitle@}. L->R or R->L. Apply. Now your flow title will be shown on every single page which uses this master page.

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your help.

I have to say that I need to learn how to trust Dorico. Inserting the tokens one by one took no time whatsoever. I panicked when I inserted the token and still had to enter the command. Actually, the overrides weren’t a problem… I just added added the cmd and voila. I have a feeling I confuse Dorico with other programs I’ve used in the past and suddenly get confused… but once I take a breath, everything becomes user intuitive again. :smiley:

When you’re ‘inside’ a text frame, you should also be able to right-click and see a context menu from which you can select tokens if you’re not sure what to write.

Good idea! Dorico is young, means it has more modern software architecture than its competitors Sibelius and Finale and – i guess – as a result more powerful abilities on the long run. There are tons of well made tutorials made by Dorico on Youtube. They helped me a lot.
Yes, there are still a lot of things I miss in Dorico, e.g. Open Type possibilities like capital letters combined with tokens, but I think thats just a matter of time.

Thank you so much for this advice. I think I need to start using some sticky notes on my computer. What happens is I might not use certain features for a week or so, but since I’m new to the program, they slip from my head and I have to relearn them. :astonished:

Sticky notes or similar are a great idea. I spend anywhere between 10 and 60 hours a week in front of Dorico and I still occasionally forget the locations of specific menu functions and keyboard shortcuts :wink: