Adding Flows (german: Partien)


I need to add a “Partie” (german version) for a second movement. I think this is called a “flow” in the english version.

According to the documentation, one should open the lower window and click on the plus symbol on the right side.
However, I do not have any symbols (Plus, etc.) on the right side.

I just have a card called “Allgemein” (general) and nothing else. Double and right clicking on this card does not do anything.

So, how do I get this window to work?

An additional remark: I would very much prefer getting an english version so all these additional translation problems in finding help would not be there. Is there some possibility to change the language?

Thank you for any help,

Hi Torsten. Make sure you are in Setup Mode.

This video explains Setup Mode very well:

You can change the application language to English in Preferences. You can set the keyboard language separately too, might be worthwhile to set that to german (assuming you have a german keyboard attached), since they attempt to map a similar layout.

Sometimes I am flipping from german to english language for the same reasons. Some german translations are a little bit strange, for example I would prefer the term “Flow” instead of “Partie”. Besides, many words in the menus aren’t actual translated to german.

Thank you for your informations, that helps a lot!