Adding glissando with portamento text in ornaments popover


Would it be possible to add glissando with portamento text by typing port in ‘Holds and pauses’ popover?
If it is not currently possible, could it be implemented in a future version of Dorico?
It would ve really helpful to work quickly!

Thanks in advance!

You mean the Shift+O popover, I assume?


No, there’s no way at present to create a gliss. with overridden text directly from the Shift+O popover, but I’ll make a note of it as something we might consider in a future version.

Thank you for your kind, scrupulous care!

Dear prko,
Would you mind correcting the thread’s title (ornaments popover)?
Your feature request is spot on.

Dear MarcLarche,

I did it!
Have I understood you correctly?

Honestly… No! :joy::joy::joy:

I would have thought “Adding glissando with portamento text in ornaments popover”. But nevermind, it’s still more accurate as it is now.
Note that probably new users (who are not really acquainted with the different popovers) might be misguided by a typo in a thread’s title. And, as you’ve noticed, the correction is quite easy (but it has to be made by the first author).

It is corrected!
Thanks for your opinion, and I am sorry that my English comprehension is still not perfect…

Dear prko,
You’re English is perfect for me (French here :joy:)
Thanks for your understanding!