adding grace notes to already placed notes - Solved

ok… i’m sure this is covered somewhere in this forum but searching for ‘Grace Notes’ really doesn’t help much.

i have some notes that i’ve already placed and now i’ve decided to add some grace notes. how is this done?

is this possible in Dorico? it is in Sibelius…

i would like to place two 16th note grace notes between an A-flat quarter note and a B-flat quarter note. i’ve tried what i thought were sensible methods but with no success. for example, i thought, well, i’ll just select the 16th note value and then the ‘grace note’ icon and then… voila i can place grace notes where ever i want them… like rain drops. but no…

what arcana has the Dorico team come up with for this scenario?


OK panic attack over. figured it out. i re-input the first note, choose the ‘insert’ icon and then the value of the grace note and the grace note icon. i can then place the grace notes by inserting them at the point of the second note to which they’re ‘attached’. seems a bit baroque but it works.

You don’t need to reinput the main note. Get yourself into input mode (select a note and hit Enter), type / and then enter the grace note.