Adding harmonics to individual notes

I want to be able to add a harmonic indication to each of the tied notes in the passage attached. At the moment my workflow (dictated by the way Dorico treats tied notes) is to select each note individually with the caret and input the ‘o’ symbol. I can’t find anything in the preferences that allows me to do this automatically, and it feels like it should be easier. Am I missing something?

Many thanks


No, I asked this same question a few months ago and that was the only way. Unless it has changed in 2.2, but I didn’t see anything about that in the change log.

You might find it moderately more efficient to add one, then use R to repeat another one (which will appear at the same position), then use Alt+left/right or Ctrl+Alt+left/right to move the new one to its new position.

Ah, ok, thanks both. I’m sure this will be on the to-do list, so I’ll just keep my eyes open. Daniel that suggestion will do perfectly for now, thank you