Adding Imported flow to multiflow project affecting other flows

I’ve got five flows all nicely worked out. They come up to 28 pages, and it all looks pretty much the way I want.

But when I add the last flow (flow 6) which I want to begin at page 29 everything gets screwed up.
The page numbers change a bit, and earlier pieces suddenly decide to have fewer systems per page and all that kind of thing - a real dog’s dinner.

Is this a bug? or something that I can workaround? If I could lock off everything I have up to page 28 and begin again from there that would do if it were possible.

Is it possible that the sixth flow contains an extra player that’s automatically being assigned to all the other flows?
That’s the only explanation I can think of.

If that’s the case, try:

  1. Importing the flow.
  2. Unassigning the extra player from all the other flows (from Setup mode,
  3. Then assign the flow to the Full Score layout.

There’s definitel;y a clue hre, becasue there is an extra player - but I tried that and it hasn’t fixed.

I noitce also that when I delete the new flow it doesn’t revert back - I have to close the project and open it up again.
I might try and lock off system and frame breaks in the one that’s being problematic and see if that helps.

Although I’m not sure I understand point 3) assigning the flow to the full score layout.
Does this mean I could open a new tab and import the flow there to begin with?

Actually I’m confusing importing MusicXML with importing Flows from existing Dorico projects. I don’t think there’s a good solution except to copy and paste from one project into the other.

In order to prepare your multi-flow project for the music you’re going to copy and paste in:

  1. Create a new flow.
  2. Create a new player. Leave it “empty-handed”.
  3. Remove the new player from the other flows.
  4. Add whichever instrument to the new player.

Then open the single-flow project, ensure you’re in the Full Score layout and use the System Track or Select All to grab the music. Then copy and paste into the new flow in your multi-flow project.