Adding/Inserting Tracks in project

It would be nice to put some logic in the operation.

We have at least three different ways to add tracks (I’m talking about main window only):

  1. pressing “+” sign above tracks and have “Add Track” window where we can choose type of track and some parameters
  2. clicking rightmouse on active (selected) track and have operations and submenu “Add Track” with all possible track types
  3. clicking in empty place below tracks and have just submenu items from “Add Track”.

So if we have some 10 tracks in project and have active for example 5th track, then new track logically is inserted right after selected track. And it is okay.

From this very logically would be if we click rightmouse on an empty place below all tracks and select track type, it will be added to the end of track list.

Also it would be gratefully appreciated if the “Add Track” window has additional checkbox:
Add track to the end of list


The logic is very simple: Add the track below the currently selected track (always).

Most often the simple logic is the best one. But I get your point.

Please, add the feature-request tag to your post.

Then every time I need to add track at the end (always on new songs), I need to remember select last track. For me it’s not logical, because the term “add” means add, not insert. It is very rare when I (sure not the only) need the track to be inserted somewhere between other nicely organized tracks. I hope you see that there is no choice for users. In three ways we add tracks they are inserted. At least one of these operations could do what “add” means :wink:


Please, add the feature-request tag to your post.

Thank you!

Except there are inconsistencies. If I use Insert Track From Project… that always gets added to the bottom of the Track List & not after the Selected Track. And while Inserting and Adding are different commands, they are functionally serving the same purpose. I don’t recall what Track Presets do.

Adding “Using Track Preset…” does insert after selected track.
I would say that simple checkbox at all dialogues will be appreciated, also in “Using Track Preset” dialogue.

So if we add FX track in Send slot, the dialogue has a preference - “Folder Setup” with options “Create Inside Folder” and “Create Outside Folder”. This would be better as checkbox. But anyway this preference is stored and until you change it, it always will have option you selected last time. It’s good and “add” versus “insert” also would be as an option that could be stored and recalled for further operations.