Adding Instrument forces order of staves back to default

When adding a new instrument to the score, my custom ordering of the instruments is reset to its deafult settings. I use playback staves for percussion for example, or ensemble patches for unison playing of instrument groups (f.e. Brass groups), so I want to create my own lay-out, where staves are hidden, but also placed close to their corresponding instrument.
I remember having watched a tutorial video about custom instrument order, but I can’t find it anymore. I thought there was mentioned something about switching on/off default instrument order.
Is there something I’m missing in the settings?

The Score will automatically order according to the options in the Sorting button.


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Right click… :see_no_evil:

Why on earth didn’t I think of that. Thank you!

FYI: if there’s a little white triangle at the bottom, you can hold or right-click for more options.

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