Adding instruments to Kontakt multi-out ala NotePerformer?

Hey everybody,
I’m wondering if it’s possible to configure a multi-output instance of Kontakt the same way that NotePerformer does: by adding only the requested instruments to its instance.

My current setup is such that I have a multi-out instance of Kontakt for the entire brass section. But if I only need a trumpet, for example, Dorico would load the entire brass section multi in order to access that trumpet —not just the trumpet itself. I’d like if Dorico would simply add my trumpet patch to an existing multi-out instance, create a new output for it, and wire everything up from there. Maybe this is asking too much of Dorico… Somehow NotePerformer seems to have it right though so I wonder if it’s possible with Kontakt.

Does anybody know if this setup is possible, currently? Would appreciate any tips!

P.S Dorico 4.3 is awesome. Love being able to edit multiple instrument’s automation at once.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible in general with VST plug-ins, since there’s no standardised API for loading sounds. NotePerformer uses MIDI program changes to make this possible as a way of getting around this.

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The alternative is to put each instrument in a separate VST: so you gain the efficiency of no additional instruments that you don’t need, but you have the inefficiency of loads of separate plug-ins.

You may want to do some trials of which uses the most memory or is faster to load.

Thanks for the suggestion. That’s ultimately what I landed on.
My intent was to avoid using many instances of Kontakt due to an issue where many instances may be causing the audio engine to stall when loading playback templates. I thought that having a couple multi-out instances (instead of one for each instrument) would relieve some of that. Looks like multi-outs are not going to be a good workaround, though.