Adding intervals to Marching Tenor Drum parts

I can’t figure out how to add intervals to the marching tenor drum parts. I understand how to add intervals with “^I” however it doesn’t seem to work for this instrument. What am I missing?
Please Help.

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Have you tried activating chord input?
You will probably need to experiment a bit to see what intervals/notes will be accepted.

Thank you for responding Steven. I’m not sure how to “activate chord input.” I see the button with what looks like a triad on it, I understand how to add chord symbols but I’m not sure either of those options is what you are talking about. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction?

Activate the caret at the point where you want the notes (double-click or shift-N).
To activate chord input, press “Q” or click on the chord icon (triad).
Either play the notes on a MIDI keyboard or type the notes on the computer keyboard. The notes accepted will probably be those on the spaces of the staff (F, A, C, E, high G).
If you enter a note which you want to change, you can select it and use alt + up- or down-arrow to move it up or down.
Chord input allows you to enter multiple notes at one rhythmic position instead of advancing after one note has been entered.
To advance, press the space bar.
To turn chord input off, press “Q”.

First of all, you are a saint for explaining all that.

Secondly, it worked!

Thank you for your patience and accommodations!

That’s what the forum is for.