Adding link pdf manuals back in application

The default help information links to the web in Cubase 9 (assuming across all versions).

The pdf manuals are still available in pdf, but Cubase no longer links to them from the application interface.
I have Cubase LE AI Elements 9 installed on a Windows 10 Pro machine.

I want to access the local pdf file. How can I add a link to the pdf manuals?

I assume Cubase links to help files are stored in the help-urls.xml which is located in the folder:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 9\Help

I installed the pdf manuals in this folder too.

My problem essentially is to create the correct format for the URL e.g. :

Cubase Help file://C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase LE AI Elements 9/Help/Operation_Manual.pdf

Any help to get the correct url?



Just found a solution by accident.

  • Create a folder named documentation in the Cubase root installation folder e.g.:
    C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 9\documentation
    Place the Operation_Manual.pdf in this new folder.

Now if you press the F1 button in Cubase, it will launch your default pdf reader and opens the manual.



Good. - But how did you get access to the documentation of plugins, midi device editor et al.?

Btw. I guess having spaces in the url will make troubles.

As I suspected:
works for me. Replace spaces in your url with %20, add three slashes after the first colon and it should work.

Yeah! I noticed this too! :imp:

it would be HELPFUL when searching for the HELP documentation, you know?
Such a pointless change. WHY???

I had my own XLM file so I could reach not only the PDF documentation about Cubase and what comes with the program but also to HALion, Groove Agent, the Grand and even WaveLab just in case. all of it available from the HELP menu inside Cubase …
But no more! :cry:

Can we have the links under HELP back in C9.5, pretty please! :confused:
or C9.0.2 rather, it’s not croquet scinetology directly! :ugeek:

You’re absolutely right.
Even the option I described isn’t as good as I’d like it. It opens the PDF in my standard browser and NOT in my PDF reader. So: No possibilites for exact bookmarks or notes.



Who wants to have to fire up the internet and reach halfway around the world for something sitting on your hard drive? Might as well remove the Help menu too as it’s just taking up space in the menubar. Sure, we can peck thru all the generically named Operation Manuals from C6 on in a local search, rename it, or have a folder of all the references that used to be handy cluttering up the desktop, or Steinberg could just restore a perfectly good menu and not add useless hoops to a much used function. In C9.0!

While we’re on the subject …
It’s 2017 and IBM PC clones are still having an impact?!!?
By mistake I hit the [F1] key and up popped a dialog infoming me there was no
path to Operation_manual.pdf
That’s why I found this topic in the first place.
So I created such a folder and moved some old PDFs along with the new C9 PDDs there.
Now I can at least read the Operation Manual, hallelujah …

But [F1] and [CTRL]+[F4] and [ALT]+[F4] and [ALT]+[F6] and those prehistoric commands are still having some sort of priority in Cubase. Can’t the be retired with a golden watch or something? I want to use more Key Command and more cowbell!!! :slight_smile:

This is beyond stupid. Whoever did this seriously did not think it through - I’m wasting time on this nonsense. Why. WHY??

Also you can reprogram the F1 shot cut to the local PDF Offline Help file