Adding lyrics in artist 11

is it possible to add lyrics to a score in artist 11? All the searching I’ve done leads me to “pro only” answers

Hi and welcome over the forum,

Yes, this feature is Pro only, sorry. You can add just a plain text, which doesn’t snap to the notes.

Hi Martin, thanks for the welcome and the clarification. It’s a function I’ll need when I’m arranging for my choir, so I guess I’ll have to upgrade. Weird that I could do it in my ancient Studio 4 version, but not this new 11. Cheers, Steve


If scoring is your main task, you could also consider Dorico. :wink:

Thanks, I had a look at the demo. Learning yet another system at my age, gives me the fear! I’ll look into upgrading to Pro. Thanks so much for responding and helping me. I do feel completely lost with tech sometimes.:slight_smile: