adding master pages to all players simultaneously

I’m sorry if there is already a topic for this - I couldn’t find it.
If I create a title page with a graphic and then a blank page and I want to add it to the layout of every single player: do I have to do it manually for every layout or is there a way to add it to all layouts simultaneously?
If I’m writing for orchestra and I have to add these 2 pages manually to every player that’s quite some work.
Knowing Dorico, I’m quite sure I’m missing something here.

Thanx for helping.

You can chose the appropriate Master-Page Set in Layout-Options with all parts selected.

EDIT: it seems like your first pages need to include a music frame for this to work, so my solution might not work in your case…

If you create your title page as a custom Master Page within the “Default Part” master page set, you can then put it into every part using a Master Page Change. You will still have to do this for every part individually but that’s a matter of seconds per part, you certainly don’t need to recreate the page from scratch every time. Also, using tokens, the title page could include the instrument name automatically.

Thanx, but that’s just what I want to avoid - do this for all instruments of a classical orchestra and you go crazy :wink:

Thanx. It doesn’t work. I make different master pages:

  • 1 with a graphic
  • 1 empty page
  • 1 with the scoring on it
    and so on

I was wondering if you could choose multiple master pages and add them to every instrument-layout.

This is definitely something which could be improved. That also goes for the documentation. Despite having used Dorico since the beginning, I’d never needed to create a title page until recently. A search brought up official videos from Anthony Hughes creating title pages by adding blank pages at the beginning and filling them with text and graphic frames. There was no mention made of doing this with Master Pages. I followed the instructions but foolishly realised only afterwards that I’d have to repeat this from scratch for all the other layouts, or throw out the first attempt and create a Master Page which could be applied to all the layouts. I would imagine that a title page would generally be needed for all layouts, so why this misleading documentation?

By default, every layout has two Master Pages: one called “First” for the page where the music starts, and one called “Default” for all subsequent pages. Anything beyond that does have to be added manually on a per-layout basis, as Dorico doesn’t account for pages without any music. But, as I said, as soon as you have made your custom Master Page, it is literally a matter of seconds per layout to add it in. Hardly worth going crazy about even for a Mahler-sized orchestra… You have a valid point however, and it makes for an interesting feature request for a future version.

My issue here is being, that once I create a “title” page with the “first” page set, dorico switches to the “Default” for the first page. I then need to set a manual master-page-change, which screws everything up. Or am I doing something wrong?

This one threw me too when I first started using title pages. Layout Options—Page Setup—Flows. “Use first master page on any flow starting at top of page.”

thank you so much dan!

Sorry for coming back, but it doesn’t work for me. I created a “First” Masterpage, with a music frame on the left and a title page on the right. The music frame is the same as on the “Standard” Masterpage (MA).

Setting your suggestion, Dan, it still takes “standard” for the first page, although the setting “start each flow on a new page” is set as well. No page overrides are done.
I know that I am doing something wrong here… but what?

Don’t set it as a “First” master page. When you create a new title page, it’s not a “first” type. It’s not based on “first.” It’s a totally separate master page.

I see, so I set a master page change for the very first page only to use the title page?
I don’t yet fully understand, why I can’t use the right side of the “first” master page as the title page, and it continues from there on? It would seem to be the “Dorico-Way” for me.

EDIT: ah, I think I understand my mistake. The second page is not considered of being from the “first” master page anymore, which of course makes sense.

The “left and right” pages of a master page are the page formats when the page is the left or right hand side of a double-page book. Only one page is included in the document.

arrrgh, thank you and apologies