Adding Measures to the Beginning of a Song

Is there a quick and easy way to add a few measures to the beginning of a song in Cubase 7? I have SEVERAL tracks already recorded, but would like to add a new intro - which will be a few measures. Was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to add them to the beginning without manually moving all the tracks back a few measures…

Thanks for any help you can provide. LOVE Cubase!!

You could got to the “Project>Project Setup” menu and add a few bars in the “Bars Offset” field.

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Awesome! Thank you so much!!

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That will change the bar numbers, but it won’t insert any blank bars.

To insert extra bars (in this case, at the beginning)…
Set Left Locator to the beginning of the song, and Right Locator to the end of the desired range that you wish to add (so, for example, if you want to add four bars at the beginning, place the Right Locator at the start of bar #5), then Edit Menu>Range>Insert Silence.

FYI… I agree your suggestion might be the better way to go and my suggestion changes the bar numbers but my suggestion does add blank bars to the beginning of a started project.

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Ah, yes, I must apologise :slight_smile:… I only ever use that parameter for changing the bar numbers, so I had always chosen the option “No”, in the dialog “Do you want to keep the project content at its bar positions?” It does indeed create empty space if choosing “Yes”.