Adding Metadata in Montage

Hello - I want to add metadata to each individual audio file within the montage so when I render various file formats the files inherit the metadata.
If I select an audio file within the Montage - select metadata - edit - fill in relevant fields - ok - I see the metadata I’ve added. However, when I move on to the next title in the montage - the metadata appears as for title no.1 - as if the metadata is global for all titles and can only be edited as such. How do I update metadata fo each audio file within the montage? TIA Mark

There are ways to do this, but you have to use CD-Text or/and the variable system. Then when rendering clips or CD tracks, the metadata can be generated along.
Please check the manual.

Thanks. I am using cd text for the DDP & want to generate metadata for various file type exports as well. I have had a good look in the manual but find no solution to selecting each individual file in the audio montage to apply metadata. Any clues?! thanks

As PG said, the easiest way is to transpose CD-Text to metadata. You can find my metadata preset for WL10 or WL11 here:

You can update it to your liking but basically, this takes the basic info from a montage (artist name, album title, song title, ISRC, track number) and puts it in the ID3v1 and v2 metadata.

I am planning to do a metadata focused video soon but somewhere in this video, I probably touch on it:

The nice thing is that you can make a new montage template where this metadata preset is already loaded so you basically never have to open the metadata window in the Audio Montage, unless you want to add the artwork. The rest is pretty automatic.

Many thanks Justin - that’s very helpful & much appreciated. Investigating.

Thanks for this Justin. Great video.
In audio montage > metadata I’ve loaded your download metadata preset ‘JP Start.dat’ & also tried the factory ‘album from cd text’ preset. I’ve had requests to credit musicians & thought I would add this information in the CD text comment box. I can see the ‘album from cd text’ preset includes Comments in both ID3v2 & ID3v1 : @CdTextMessage@ - but nothing shows in comments when rendering an AAC or mp3 audio file in info on iTunes (or get info on file directly). Artist & song info do show. What am I missing here? I’m in Wavelab 11pro now.

How are you rendering the files? As Selected Clips doesn’t work, it needs to be rendered by “All Regions/CD Tracks”.

Also, it’s been so long since I set all this up but there is chance that “Inherit From Source File” may need to be active in the “Format” section of the Render Tab. It’s all part of my rendering preset so I can’t remember for sure.

Oh wait, sorry. It’s early here. Sounds like you are getting the artist & song info so you must be on the right track.

I have never tried using CD message to metadata so maybe @PG1 can weigh in on if that works or how to make it work.

Thanks Justin. Yes, I have checked ‘inherit from source file’. Frustrating it’s only showing some of the data in the resultant file.

According to this page:

ID3v2 has a COMM section, but I’m not seeing it in WaveLab as an ID3v2 option. Checking in my preferred tagging app to check things, I did map the CD-Text Message to the ID3v1 “Comments” section and it does appear the the “Meta” app:

Oh wait, for ID3v2 the Comment section is that HUGE area on the right side.

See my attachments but I was able to get it to work:

This is my workflow - I’ve made test comments in the cd text - then set metadata as in the next window - my window on the rhs looks the same as yours I think – but only end up with metadata as in last screenshot.

Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 14.08.19

I have no idea what that Comment section in the CD Tab is for (maybe PG can explain) but I was entering this info in the “Message” section of the CD-Text editor. Maybe it’s just for internal notes.

See attached.

These are personal notes, private to the montage, not metadata.

Interesting. It might not be a bad idea to add a path for the Comments to be pushed to metadata too. I did a quick check and didn’t see it.

Ok - I added test message via cd text editor but still no show on resultant file. inherit from source is selected. I must be missing something but can’t figure out what it is. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Also noticing the ISRC is not transferred information, although it seems to be in the metadata preset. Perhaps it is there but I’m just not seeing it for some reason?