Adding midi drums to music

Hello Folks, I’m new to recording and having fun putting my guitar and vocal tracks together with great results!
Here are some examples:

I would now like to add some simple drum beats using some kind of program or midi device. I own a midi keyboard.
Is there something built into Cubase 8 or a program to buy that is easy to use to add drums - especially for a noob/non-drummer. I’ve looked over the manual/forums/youtube and cannot understand what function of the drum map.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi and welcome,

You can use built-in drummer Groove Agent SE. This contains sounds, and loops. See some videos from here, please. This is the full version of Groove Agent 4. In Cubase, there is limited Groove Agent SE version included. But the basis is the same.

Thanks Martin - the demonstrations all start with the groove agent already open - If groove agent is in my Cubase, how would I go about finding it and putting it to use? Trust me, I’m not looking for hand holding - I’ve read, watched and tried everything I can think of.


in the Project menu, select Add Track > Instrument. Add Instrument Track window appears. Click to the No VST Instrument, and select Groove Agent SE, here. Now, the VSTi Groove Agent appears.

Maybe, you should have a look on these videos.

I see now what the issue is - Groove Agent is simply not there - only something called Halion synth. Thanks for all your help though Martin - I’ll either buy Groove Agent or something like it.

What version of Cubase do you exactly have? The Groove Agen SE should be part even of Cubase Elements (but I’m not sure with Cubase AI/LE).

I like Addictive drums which has some really nice drum sounds, a demo version is available from the Addictive drums website to try free.

I have a version that I was able to download with my purchase of the UR242 - it has Cubase elements, LE and AI. Do you think I should have access to a basic level of Groove Agent? Maybe I have to reinstall or contact support?

Thanks for the advice. I’ve tried the EZ drummer trial already - it caused some kind of corruption - popping/clicks - to the song I was working with (other than the lousy input I was doing) - luckily I was able to back out without saving and the song wasn’t ruined.

I see the files are installed and I tried a few things from the knowledge base to try to bring it over to Cubase. Still no luck so I’ve contacted support.

Solved - ok, so I contacted support and it turns out I only have Cubase AI (no groove agent) - so I ordered the Elements 8 upgrade - I should have the groove agent up and running soon. Cheers everyone.

The pops and clicks you hear are most probably caused by your ASIO buffer latency and not corruption.

Hi paterrob, I think you may be right, I was using the computer card at the time vs. the Steinberg product.


The internal soundcard doesn’t have an ASIO driver. So there is alway issue with the real-time audio. Select your UR242 as a soundcard in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System. Then on the left side of the window, select the Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO driver. Click to Control Panel. Here find a Buffer Size (or latency), and increase it.

I hope, you like all possibilities of Groove Agent 4 SE, which is included in Cubase Elements.