Adding midi to Kontakt instrument

Please help! I am just trying to get Djinnbass instrument to play a midi file but I cannot figure it out! I have loaded the instrument and set it all up so I can hear it however when I paste a midi file in it has no relation to the instrument

Many (most?) MIDI Files circulating out on the web send out Program Change messages at the start. Generally this is to make sure a specific GM Instrument gets played. But you’re using your own VSTi so the Program Change ends up messing things up.

Open the MIDI Part using the List Editor and look near the start and delete any Program Change messages you find there.

Sorry I probably should have uploaded an image to begin with. You can see I have a Kontakt instrument set up and working on KT St1. Where do I now place the Midi file please?

Simply Import your midi file and drag it up onto the lane where you created your Kontakt instrument.

It looks like you have created two different Tracks for Kontakt, one an Instrument Track and the other a MIDI Track.

Until you know your way around MIDI pretty well (and even then) it is best to avoid using the MIDI Tracks and only use Instrument Tracks. With MIDI Tracks you have to manually configure the routing between the MIDI Data and the Virtual Instrument. But if you use Instrument Tracks instead, that routing is all handled in the background without you needing to do anything.

Unless you’re using multichannel vstis. In that case you must use MIDI tracks to route MIDI to Rack instruments, as you can’t route extra tracks to an Instrument track.
MIDI, although all the minutiae and twists of the protocol itself, it’s not at all difficult to get up and running. Not more difficult than to choose input and output in audio, for example. And Cubase has it very straightforward.