adding multiple instruments in setup

Hi there - this seems like a rudimentary question, but is it possible to add multiple solo instruments in Setup mode at the same time?
(For example, one flute, one bassoon, one horn, one piano, one vocalist, one cello, etc.?)


I apologise but I haven’t been able to find an answer to this question via searching.

Use the “Add Ensemble” button to add various preset collections of players to your project.

Yes but what about single players, such as in the example above? These aren’t ensembles, they’re solo players. Would I have to add each one of them separately?

Take a look at the picker that appears when you click “Add Ensemble”.

Unless I’m missing something, you can only add one type of ensemble at a time. For instance, I can select “Single Woodwind” and click “add Ensemble to score”. But I cannot - as far as I can tell – add “Single Woodwind” and “String Orchestra” at one go and press “Add Ensemble(s) to score”.

Similarly, I don’t see a way to multiple single instruments in one go, either – if I’m working on a mixed ensemble piece, I have to add each instrument or ensemble separately – or what am I missing?

thank you!

“In one go”? Not yet.
“What are you missing”? The energy for two more clicks?
Let’s be reasonable; making the ensemble screen persistent will probably happen down the road.
Give 'em an inch, they want a foot.
Give 'em a foot, they want a yard.
Give 'em a yard, they want a pool in it.

It’s just that Dorico recalculates the entire project when you add an instrument, only to have to do it again when adding a second. Depending on the size of the project this can take a fair while.

That, at least, is something that we plan to speed up in future.

OK great! I was just making sure I didn’t miss something handy. Looking forward to this feature being updated - thanks!