adding multiple playing techniques at a time

Is it possible to add multiple playing techniques at a time, like “arco, sul pont”? Nothing seems to appear when I try it.
When I input them individually, “sul pont” always appears on top even if I add it last. I want “arco” to be on top. Is that possible without using engrave mode to manually tweak it?
And finally, is there a way of adding playing techniques to multiple staves at a time? It only seems to work one stave at a time.

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You can create a playing technique that is arco, sul pont. Or input those individually, and you might then start by the one you want below.
Once it’s applied, you can select them and alt-click them anywhere you want those playing techniques applied.


You can override the order in which a pair of playing techniques appear at the same rhythmic position using the ‘Tucking index’ property.

Thanks Daniel for the explanation, I didn’t know what this tucking index was about!

Why is there a default order for playing techniques? This makes sense if we combine symbols and text, but why two different texts?

I’ve used this one before, but later in the score I usually offset it with a reverse instruction: “get off your high horse.”

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Excellent! Those damn phones, so hard to write without mistakes… I did correct it now :wink: