Adding NEW gain edit points on several tracks simultaneously


I have 5 tracks for which I would like to have similar GAIN automation curves. So I’m trying to fade-in all the tracks in a similar way so I will have to add the GAIN edit points for the beginning of the fade-in and the edit points for both tracks to the end of the fade-in.

I know it is easy to edit the EXISTING edit-points on multiple tracks by selecting them all and etc. but when ADDING the edit points, I seem to have to add them to several tracks one by one and I always have to zoom-in and hassle with all the stuff that the edit-points truly are horizontally at the same position.

So - is ADDING new edit-points on multiple tracks simultaneously possible? Editing is, but I haven’t found a way to add - say - new VOLUME edit-points on multiple tracks simultaneously so that the edit points would be at the same position without having to edit every track separately. I have tried selecting all the 5 tracks and tried all the ALT CTRL SHIFT combinations but without result.

Think if you have 5 new tracks and you would like to have an initial volume edit points on all tracks at the same position at one go, do you really have to do that separately on all tracks?

If this is possible, please let me know. Thank you

OK, I remembered this “link channels” function and I linked all the 5 tracks by ALL the possible parameters but it’s no good.;;; When have tracks linked, and I add a new Volume edit point on the first track, the other 4 tracks will not respond to that.

Of course they respond when I have playback enabled and move a fader but that’s not what I want. I want to be able to add a NEW EDIT POINT on several tracks at the same position on one go.

I thought that LINK CHANNELS function would naturally do that but unfortunately it doesn’t.

I’m not willing to route those tracks to a group channel since I have to do some other things with them also, so please help me - am I missing something? Shouldn’t adding multiple edit points simultaneously be a self-evident feature?

Unfortunately there’s no direct fast way to achieve what you mentioned, but Cubase has one command called “Paste in Place”. create a key command of your liking for this.

Once done, you can do your automation on ONE channel first.

Once you’re happy with your automation, mass select all the edit points in your automation, and use the “Copy” command.

Go to another channel (that you wish to have this duplicated) and select its automation track. Hit “Paste In Place”, and all your copied automation data will be pasted exactly in the same positions just like in your first channel.

Repeat the same for whatever other channels you wish to duplicate your automation.

If you want to be able to move automated channels simultaneously without having to de-activate “Read” on any of them, simply have all the automations revealed and shown in your project, mass select the WHOLE LOT of them, and hold down “Ctrl”.

When you move the automation of one track, the rest will also follow suit.

Pretty damn tiresome but once you get used to it…you’ll do it quick.

Sorry for the late reply - and thank You for the info and instructions. I will manage with these. Thank You very much.


I appreciate the tips on this one! This is one of the things I’ve been planning to investigate, as I’ve had to edit volume curves one-by-one also. In my case, a quick approximation was sufficient, but copying them will let me make them identical without spending too much time getting sidetracked from creativity.

We need a “thumbs up” smiley. :smiley:

Just to add that I don’t use PasteAtOrigin (that’s the command you mean I think, not PasteInPlace), I press the L key (to move the cursor to the first selected point) and simply Ctrl-V (normal paste) which pastes on the selected track(s) at the cursor point. Still, that’s just another way of doing it… Alt-V on my PC is by default set to PasteAtOrigin in fact. Also, if the automation lanes are one beneath the other then you can use a cursor key to move down and then Alt-V on each lane. That can be pretty quick.