Adding new instrument to existing flow

I have an interesting issue in Setup mode and don’t know if it’s a bug or something that needs resetting. I have an orchestral score I’m working on, and everything is running fine. I do edits, add notes, etc. Then I want to add another instrument to the flow, and when I click add new player, the current flow automatically isn’t highlighted any more. I have to check the box to add the instrument to the flow, but it also doesn’t assign the sound to the mixer. It seems to happen as I’m working in the project, maybe deleting an instrument no longer needed. Any thoughts?

Welcome to the forum, thehoz!
To add the sound to the mixer, you can use Play menu > Playback Template > HSO pro or NotePerformer (if you have it). Or you might need to do it by hand (with HSO or another VSTi). I do not think you are running into a bug, it looks like it behaves as designed… Maybe you should check the workflow to get what you need, but I think you already have it :wink:

If you’ve already meddled with the mixer then new instruments won’t automatically assign sounds - you can always go into Play mode and then go Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments.

As to the point about adding instruments to a flow, you need to make sure you’re actually checking the box (in the left panel), not just selecting the instrument. Bear in mind that Setup mode is non-hierarchical: you can select a player in the left panel and then add flows to it, or click on the flow in the bottom panel and add players to it. Or you can right-click on either a player or a flow (or a selection of multiple players or multiple flows) and use the context menus to add additional players or flows.

thanks for the reply and glad to be a part of the forum. As a former user of Sibelius and Finale, really excited about Dorico. Two quick things:

  1. I do have NotePerformer, but ran into an issue with this particular situation where it wouldn’t add a new sound to the mixer even when I clicked reset. Both playback option and preference were assigned to NotePerformer. I contacted them and the only suggestion was clicking the reset button.
  2. As far as the flow, pianoleo’s advice seems to apply regarding messing with the mixer, so no problem going to Play mode and loading sounds.
    Regarding flow, the issue seems to be when adding a new instrument after “meddling” with my score. Unless I’m missing something, I should be able to click Add Player, choose instrument, and it’s automatically added to the flow just as it does when creating a new score. Be happy to send the file just in case I’m missing something : ) Other than that, I’m glad I decided to take a chance on this product!

Provided you haven’t been meddling with anything in Setup mode, you should certainly find that adding a new player and instrument to the flow will add it to the music, and provided you’ve not manually changed anything in Play mode, it will have a sound assigned as well.

If you’re using NotePerformer, the latest 3.1 update allows you to override sounds directly in its own Mixer interface so that you don’t have to make any changes in Play mode.

Thanks, Daniel. Regarding NotePerformer 3.1, the newly added instruments weren’t showing up in the mixer (after meddling in the score) even though you could see them in the music. I tried reset and Load Sounds from Unassigned instruments. I deselected in playback options (choosing Halion Pro) and then went back and selected NotePerformer, and al the sounds loaded correctly.

Also, there is a bug when changing a choir part to a different instrument; it just reverts back to choir, but this has been documented.

Thank you and your team for an excellent product!

Yes, the problem with overriding the sounds in NotePerformer is a bug in NotePerformer and Arne already has a fix in the works.

This (unassigned in Play mode) happens if one change the sound of the Halion instrument, without changing the assignments of the channels. It would be beneficial if Dorico would be some time in the future smart enough to know that, and resume to automatically assign sounds!