Adding New Players to an existing flow: lacking measures

I’ve created a project by importing .xml generated by Finale. It’s actually composed for full orchestra and I’m transcribing it for Concert Band, so I’ve added saxes, and other players. Of the 152 total measures, the new added players only display the first 24 measures. Beginning at meas. 25 there are no more bar lines…even if I paste music from other parts into this area.
All of the original players and music are there. They’re correct. They playback. Everything otherwise appears to function normally.
What do I need to do in order to get these new players to display the same measures, including time and key sigs, as the existing players?

You almost definitely have hidden time signatures connected to some or all of the (shown) barlines. Either search the forum for “hidden time signatures” or post the actual project. This is too intricate to solve with mere screenshots.

Actually, before you try anything else, try this: select bar 1 in all instruments, go Edit > Select to End of Flow; Copy, then paste into a brand new flow. If you’re lucky this will sort the problem. You can then delete the original flow.

Find the last spot where notes and rests appear as normal in those instruments, and select the last visible note or rest there. Open the Properties panel at the bottom of the window, and make sure that the ‘Ends voice’ property is deactivated. That should bring all the bar rests back.

D’oh. Daniel’s probably right on this one.

Only on this one…?

To put that another way: I’m probably wrong on this one. You’re probably right in general :wink:

Thanks, Daniel. Okay, tried that. ‘Ends voice’ appears deactivated. In fact, when I click on it and try to activate it, it turns blue for a sec, then springs back. No change to the appearance of the new player part.

Any other ideas?

Yes, my other idea is for you to zip up and attach the project here so we can solve the problem instead of guessing at it, per the guidelines in this thread.

Attached is the problem file. Your devine guidance is most appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve deleted all players except Bassoon 1 (original, created upon .xml import) and Euphonium (new player I added). Note the euph part after m. 24. This is the case with all of the added players in my original file.


Greg (389 KB)

Improbably, I was right all along.

The easiest way round this is this:

  1. Select All.
  2. Go Edit > Filter > Deselect Only (top of the Filter menu)
  3. Edit > Filter Time Signatures (this will deselect all the barlines - the barlines are the problem).
  4. Cmd/Ctrl+click the 4/4 at the beginning of bar 1.
  5. Copy.
  6. Create new flow.
  7. Paste at start of new flow.
  8. Delete original flow.
    It might be eight steps to write out, but in reality it’s under one minute to actually do.

Yup. Had to command-click ALL of the time sigs in bar 1. That did it. :smiley: