Adding Note Ornaments to Score


I’ve just bought Dorico Elements. I’m having a lot of fun during my hobby time reproducing ABRSM Piano Grade 1 scores. I’d like to pay tribute to you and the Dorico team for such a fantastic product. I would welcome your advice. I’m trying to reproduce the ABRSM score ‘Aria in F’ which was part of the 2017-18 exam. I’ve attached a screenshot. How should I go about adding the double triplet ornament above bar 2 to show how the simplified trill is to be played?

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The easiest way would be to create an ossia staff above the piano, for the duration of the minim. You’ll get all 5 staff lines, rather than one, but that’s probably a good thing.

Select the minim, and then Edit or right-click > Staff > Creat Ossia Above. You might get an unwanted barline that joins to the main staves, but if you reduce the grid to a very small duration, you can bring in the side of the ossia, without affecting the notes.

I just tried it on something I’m working on:


Unfortunately you can’t add ossias in Dorico Elements, only in Pro.

I was then going to suggest exporting a graphics slice and importing it, but Elements probably can’t do that either…!

Thanks thats super helpful. I didn’t know this was called a Ossia Staff. It’s not a problem, but good to know I’m not missing something obvious. Rob.

Thanks thats super helpful. Rob.

You could still export a whole page as a PDF (with your ornament on it - even as a new document), and then use a vector graphics editor to crop and convert to SVG. Something like Affinity Designer, or Inkscape, or Illustrator.