Adding notes only with keyboard

Its not really a pleasure to use the keyboard and mouse together
Is it possible to do all inputs/edits with keyboard or is mouse sometimes needed?

You really can do almost everything without needing to use the mouse. It’s all dependent on how willing you are to acclimate to the key commands. Of course occasional mouse usage is inevitable.

In Engrave mode, if you have it, I find the mouse much more necessary, as the arrow keys don’t always reliably change the selection for editing. But in Write mode, I use the mouse much less frequently.

Is there a summarize to find for keyboard note input ?
For example : i want to go from one system line to the next system line (stave line) .
Left-right and up-down arrows should be a logical step
Its now trial and error : a wrong learning strategy

Typically left and right go left and right horizontally through the music, leaping from one item to another item of the same variety (so if you have a note selected, right will take you to the next note, but if you have e.g. a dynamic selected, right will take you to the next dynamic). Tab jumps from one type of item to another type of item.

Up and down generally do take you up and down a stave at a time, but if you’ve got chords or multiple voices on a staff then up and down will take you through those before jumping to the next stave.

Yes, i can go trough the music to a new system line
Is it possible to go faster navigating between the system lines ?
Finally got my score finished.

If you want to move the selection around outside of note input (that is, when the caret isn’t shown) see here.

You can also move the caret around during note input similarly (right/left arrows to move it according to the rhythmic grid, up/down to move the caret to other staves).

On two ways moving around in the staves then, but with the caret i can go vertical quick to any stave ( is logical given the fact that you must be able to chance a input )