Adding notes to an existing chord

Is there no way to add notes to an existing note to make it a chord?

Select the note, hit Return, then Q, then the note you want to add.

I see, thanks. the reason I was wanting to do this is because I find that I can’t enter repeated chords in note input mode after entering the first chord hitting the same chord again just enters one of the notes!

Are you using MIDI input and have ‘Lock To Duration’ enabled? Because those symptoms describe an issue that has snuck into the release build, and is already fixed for the next patch release.

I’ll have a look, Stefan. Will have find out what ‘Lock to duration’ is and does first!

No, the problem I’m having is restricted to entering tied chords (via midi keyboard) causes visual spaghetti. My work around is to tie the notes of the chord together after they have been entered.